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Can't find class w3c.jigadm.Main

From: Jessica Emerson <jessica@ag.arizona.edu>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 18:26:54 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Sorry, I had an error in one thing!  I typed the command: 'java
w3c.jigadm.Main', not 'java w3c.jigsaw.Main'.

I am trying to run Jigsaw and I got it to produce the following output:

	loading properties from:
	Jigsaw[2.0beta1]: serving at
	*** Warning : no logger specified, not logging.
	JigAdmin[2.0beta1]: serving at

I then went to the URL, but I got the message "method GET not implemented"
so, according to your documentation, I should run JigAdmin.  Here's the
	When I type: 'java w3c.jigsaw.Main' 
	I get the message: 'Can't find class w3c.jigadm.Main'

My classpath is:

Got any suggestions?  Thanks for the help!
Jessica Emerson
COA Network Administrator
Received on Friday, 26 June 1998 05:48:53 UTC

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