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[HELP] Configuring Jigsaw2.0beta1 using JigAdm for Servlets and cgi-bin

From: Tarang Kumar Patel <mombasa@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:37:50 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <199806250036.RAA15417@kilimanjaro.arc.nasa.gov>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org, Benoit.Mahe@sophia.inria.fr
cc: mombasa@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov


 I've followed the advice on this channel as well as reworked documentation
that Benoit has faciliated as:

 However I can't get the server to respond and infact I get the following
 exception :

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Unimplemented interface method
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.servlet.ServletWrapper.service(ServletWrapper.java)
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.servlet.ServletWrapperFrame.perform(ServletWrapperFrame.java)
        at org.w3c.tools.resources.FramedResource.performFrames(FramedResource.java)
        at org.w3c.tools.resources.FramedResource.perform(FramedResource.java)
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.httpd.perform(httpd.java)
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.processRequest(Client.java)
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.startConnection(Client.java)
        at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.socket.SocketClient.run(SocketClient.java)
        at org.w3c.util.CachedThread.run(ThreadCache.java)

 My system being an SGI running IRIX6.2 and JDK1.1.3.

To summize the configuration in Jigadm, I did the following steps on the tree
browsed by the admin tool.

0) md Jigsaw/Jigsaw/WWW/Servlets
   (my preference)

1) copied SnoopServlet.class to Jigsaw/Jigsaw/WWW/Servlets/

 start JigAdm
2) open "Root", "http-server" folders
3) open "space" folder
4) open "Servlets" folder
4) Add Frame of class "org.w3c.jigsaw.servlet.ServletDirectoryFrame" to my
   "Servlets" directory resource, thus

      |_______ServletDirectoryFrame (frame-0)

5) Added a "Snoop" identifier of class "org.w3c.jigsaw.servlet.ServletWrapper"
    with the servlet-class: SnoopServlet


      |_______ServletwrapperFrame (servlet-wrapper-frame)

6) Having committed the settings at the required stages, and further
   saving the setting from "Control" file.

 I restarted the server and proceeded to


Thats when I get the above exception.

What's the problem ?

Finally, I can't get even seem to get any of my cgi scripts in the "cgi-bin"
directory to work. I configured the "cgi-bin" folder under "space" with
addition of a have "org.w3c.jigsaw.frames.CgiFrame"

So when I invoke 

I get served up with the Directory view of the "cgi-bin" with 1 file
"empty.txt". I do not see the cgi scripts in that directory even though there
are clearly installed under that directory.

HELP, HELP... as I've spent some time on this and now am at a dead end.

  Your help is appreciated.

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