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Jigsaw under OS/2?

From: Trent Payne <Trent@paradise.net.nz>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 15:41:16 +1100
Message-Id: <199806080355.PAA13133@rachel.paradise.net.nz>
To: "www-jigsaw@w3.org" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Firstly, sorry if this is an oft-asked question.

I went through the archives, however, and found that although somebody seemed to have asked this question before, there 
wasn't a response that i could see...

I am trying to make use of Jigsaw for a graduate Hypermedia project (because of it's good servlet support). My faculty 
doesn't make use of this software for it's own web services, however one of the sys-admins managed to get it up and 
going on the school's Unix boxes. What i would like to do now is to get it working under Warp 4 with PPP, so that i can 
develop under it at home. I have had no success, either with 1.0beta2 or 2.0beta1. It seems to set itself up fine, and 
also run ok:

F:  java org.w3c.jigsaw.Main -root F:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw
loading properties from: F:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw\config\server.props
Jigsaw[2.0beta1]: serving at http://d6.angela.paradise.net.nz:8001/
*** Warning : no logger specified, not logging.
JigAdmin[2.0beta1]: serving at http://d6.angela.paradise.net.nz:8009/

- separate session -

F:  java org.w3c.jigadm.Main -root F:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw http://d6.angela.paradise.n

However, if i try looking at either of those pages above in my browser, although it reports connecting, nothing comes 
back ("Document has no data", if i wait long enough).

- What am i doing wrong?
- Do i need to setup my TCP/IP stack in some special way?
- If i want to use the server without connecting to the net at all, what would i have to do?

Thanks for any help you can offer...

  Other relevant addresses: eMpTy@paradise.net.nz, Monica@paradise.net.nz

              1 Percy Dyett Drive, Karori, Wellington, NZ

   And because Raymond keeps forgetting it:  +64 4 4767088 (fax/phone)
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