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Re: Windows95 and Servlet Loading and Testing

From: JLWhite <jlwhite@chrysalis.org>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 10:05:47 -0600
Message-ID: <000001bd4787$e0ba3a60$975529d1@newmicronpc>
To: "Jigsaw List" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
>> Help please I am new to web servers and their actions but I am willing to learn 
> >and it looks like I am the only person who is so confused.

>How to install a servlet, step by step:

>1) Create the servlet directory (ie WWW/servlets)

A great 20 step instruction list - thanks very much.

A few questions, and if there are some Docs that answer these questions (which I must have overlooked) please feel free to point me to them for the answer and I will reread them all again <g>.

I now see the Date in the root dir when Jigsaw comes up in Servlet directory under WWW (though I do not see the DataServlet.class file listed in the browser dir of this Servlet directory), but when I try to access the servlet via a HTML REF inside a HTML file or by clicking on the Date listing in a browser dir (http:\localhost\servlet\Date) the browser only jumps to the servlet directory and does a dir - no date output (whereas under Xitami web server and srun DateServlet displays the date in the browser ).  In the DOS window that started Jigsaw - it reports that DateServlet did init. How does one get output shown from the Date servlet ?

Another question - if I go to a DOS window and type a fast HTML file (or any type) and then save it in say WWW directory - and then do a reload of current browser location (which is a dir of WWW) why doesn't Jigsaw display the new file in the directory listing?

Also when Jigsaw starts in the DOS window it says - no log file started (I did go to Admin and entered all log files in the input boxes and saved it). How can I get rid of this message and run a log ? Will this log contain the DateServlet init type messages because after awhile the DOS window that started Jigsaw scrolls all the messages out of view.

Thanks for all the help and your quick reply was really appreciated.

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