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SSI servlet command does not work

From: Somchai LIMSIRORATANA <lsomchai@e7sun-1.kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 04:53:45 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <199807200838.RAA19353@e7sun-1.kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Dear sir,
	I use Jigsaw2.0beta2 with JDK1.1.6 on Sun. I try to use a SSI servlet comma
nd but it does not work. But, if I change it to SSI include command, it work
 but have an error.
	I set the SnoopServlet to be Snoop and snoop.html.

1.call http://localhost:8080/servlets/Snoop
   work well.
2.call http://localhost:8080/servlets/snoop.html
   work well.
3.insert <!--#servlet name="Snoop" code="/servlets/SnoopServlet"--> in shtml
   not work. no error.
4.insert <!--#include virtual="/servlets/snoop.html"--> 
   work. but error.
     at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.socket.SocketOutputBuffer.flush(SocketOutputBuff
     at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(DataOutputStream.java)
     at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.terminate(Client.java)
     at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.startConnection(Client.java)
     at org.w3c.jigsaw.http.socket.SocketClient.run(SocketClient.java)
     at org.w3c.util.CachedThread.run(ThreadCache.java) 
	What's happen?
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