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What's up?

From: <johnm-jigsaw@non.net>
Date: 7 Jan 1998 09:07:15 -0000
Message-ID: <19980107090715.30024.qmail@non.net>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
What's going on with the Jigsaw project?

The web pages have last modified dates of September & October of last year,
the latest entry in the mailing list archive is from the beginning of
November, the "current" version of Jigsaw is still v1.0Beta1 (and it was
released in September!

Now, I certainly understand that this is basically a research project but
you W3C folks really need to give the general public (i.e., us individuals
as opposed to all of those paying, corporate consortium members) some
relatively up-to-date information.

We need a stable, usable v1.0 release.  It would also be nice if there were
some discussion of what all you guys are thinking about and/or doing for
the new Jigsaw v2.0.

	John "I can't promote Jigsaw if it's going to stagnate" Mitchell
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