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Jigsaw on Mac with MRJ 1.5b1

From: Jan Ippen <jan.ippen@fhd-stuttgart.de>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 02:56:29 +0200
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To: Jigsaw-Mailing-List <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
I just made jigsaw run under the new MRJ 1.5b1 from Apple. This might be
interesting to be added to the "jigsaw cookbook for Mac"...
The advantage: No commercial Java compiler package needed.

- Download MRJ 1.5b1 and SDK 1.5b1 or later from applejava.apple.com. It
did not work with previous versions of the MRJ (1.0.2). Install software
and restart!

- Download jigsaw! Extract the file jigsaw.zip. In this case it installed
in the Jigsaw directory on the drive <Harddisk>. (<Harddisk>/Jigsaw)

- Run JBindery

- Enter the following:
In the "Command" section
	classname: w3c.jigsaw.Main
	Optional param: -root /<Harddrive>/Jigsaw/Jigsaw
	Redirect stout: "To File" for example: JigsawApp.out
In the "Classpath" section
	"Add .zip File" -> path: <Harddisk>/Jigsaw/classes/jigsaw.zip
In the "Security" section
	You might check "Verify bytecode"
In the "Application" section
	Creator: <four letters>
	Max app heap: 2048 or more

Now you can save as an application or just as a parameter-set. The
difference is: Applications are stand-alone and don't need the JBindery to

The created App started on my Mac IIfx without any problems. From the file
JigsawApp.out I got the info for my browser -> address and port.

I had no problems to connect to the server. But I encountered also some
- Some pages were not available the first time their link was clicked. The
second or third time it worked.
- Some Open Transport locking occured (like mentioned in other mails)

I would be interested in results from other users. Especially Power Mac
Users. I think the MRJ on my 68030 is not the fastest and there is only a
JIT for Power Macs. That might be the reason for the "not available" pages.


Jan Ippen                          Hochschule fuer Druck und Medien, Stuttgart
                                   FB Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
email: jan.ippen@fhd-stuttgart.de
www: http://www.fhd-stuttgart.de/~ji01/
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