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FW: Jigsaw -Restart Server ?

From: Mike Flynn <m1_or_m2@msn.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 97 23:41:08 UT
Message-Id: <UPMAIL06.199707242345060216@msn.com>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org

From: 	Michael Flynn[FAX:+44 (0131) 620 0752]
Sent: 	Thursday, July 24, 1997 11:55 AM
To: 	Anselm Baird-Smith
Subject: 	RE: Jigsaw -Restart Server ?

Apologies if this has been sent twice

From: 	www-jigsaw-request@w3.org on behalf of Anselm Baird_Smith
Sent: 	Monday, July 21, 1997 8:45 AM
To: 	Mike Flynn
Cc: 	www-jigsaw@w3.org
Subject: 	Jigsaw -Restart Server ?

Mike Flynn writes:
 > Hi,	
 > I've recently downloaded Jigsaw (1.0Alpha5).  It seems to run ok but when I 

 > try the RestartServer link all I get is the message;
 > Restarting http://localhost:8001/
 > and nothing else.  My MS_DOS window indicates that the server is in fact 
 > 'serving' but my browser cannot now find the URL.
 > Any suggestions?

That's weird, could you provide a thread dump (under windows, try
'killing the window' under unix send a SIGQUIT to the java vm)


"..He say kill it before it grow.." Bob Marley

Thread Dump Details:
"http-server": java.net.PlainSocketImpl.accept(ServerSocket.java387)
"socket-clients:1-20" , "EventManager", "StoreSweeper"
all sitting at java.lang.Object.wait(Object.java:315)
..and other exciting stuff.

Is there something I should be looking for in particular?  

A caveat to the original problem - it appears that the server utilities still 
function but not editor.  Nor is access to any documents available.

I could provide the Full Thread Dump however I'm willing to investigate the 
problem further myself (if only I knew what I was looking for - the dump 
suggests to me that nothing is amiss!)

Mike Flynn
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