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FAQ, Walkthroughs and reque

From: Bob Barter <Bob.Barter@quickmail.llnl.gov>
Date: 21 Jan 1997 13:02:27 -0800
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  OFFICE MEMO         FAQ, Walkthroughs and requests        Date:  1/21/97

I apologize for jumping into this mail list without reading more of the
archive, but the msg from Alexandre Rafalovitch struck a resonate cord.  I
would benefit greatly from a step-by-step walkthrough of how to do something
like catch form data.

I have Jigsaw running on a Win95 machine at home and a Sparc/Solaris2.5
machine at work.  I can serve up plain-vanilla html docs, but am having
trouble putting the concepts together to do the equivalent of catching form
data with a cgi script.  I will be able to figure it out, but it is a painful
process (well worth the effort, if I understand what Jigsaw brings to the

I need to study Jigsaw some more before I start asking serious questions of
this list, I just wanted to second the request for some basic hand-holding.

Bob Barter
Alexandre Rafalovitch writes:
Thanks for fast reply Anselm,
Do you think it is worth being in FAQ. Maybe now that there are more people
using Jigsaw, we can add a lot of non-evident information to FAQ (that is
non-evident to us :-} ).

Also, do anybody think it might be a good idea to have several
walk-throughs to show how to do simple/complex things in step by step
fashion. This would get people started. We could have section on web cite
with 'How to' questions and answers. I could write several, once I get past
'baby' stage...

The reason I ask is because I have several request on my mind that I am
going to ask, so it would be good to keep them in a form more orginized
than just mail archive.

The last addition, I would like would be Requests section. Preferably
automatic with Good/Bad counter on how many people looked at it and if any
reply were generated.  I know, it is a big thing to ask :-{ , or is it not?

Also, some of the documentation that comes with Sample sites has pointers
in nowhere. Is that because it IS sample site, or I should report them. If
I need to report them, than where should it go?

You bet I will stay put... It is one hot piece of software
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