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Re: Yes jigsaw does run on the mac

From: Elton Ashby <eashby@hcanyon.com>
Date: 11 Nov 96 10:08:39 -0700
To: dwasler@glvax0.jpl.nasa.gov
Cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Message-Id: <AEACABAD-37284C@>
> I been able to get Jigsaw running on the powermac with no problems
> using
> CW10 java environment.
> david l.wasler
> 818-393-7818
> dwasler@gllsvc.jpl.nasa.gov

I've wanted to try this.  Would you be willing provide me with a small
"cookbook" for your setup?  For instance... Did you download the zip or the
gz file?  What tools did you use to unpack it?  How did you go about
setting up the CLASSPATH?  Any guidance or insight would really be

Also,-- (and how do I phrase this?) ....What is your opinion about it? Is
it fast enough? Cumbersome/easy to set up and manage on the Mac file
system? Robust and stable on CW10?

Thanks, and sorry for all the questions, but I'm very interested and
anxious to give it a try;

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