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OS/2 Jigsaw for many simultaneous requests?

From: Jocelyn Paine <popx@vax.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 10:14:30 +0100
To: WWW-JIGSAW@w3.org
Message-ID: <009A5751.34FD1579.22@vax.ox.ac.uk>
Would anyone recommend using Jigsaw - perhaps after the mid-August
release - as a production server on OS/2? One thing we must have is the
ability to handle lots of simultaneous requests.

I'm working for an economics research organisation whose goal
is to improve public understanding of financial policy. As part of this,
we have a large Web site of research papers etc, together with active
pages that allow anyone with Web access to run our economic models.

After the UK Budget in November, we'll announce a program that lets you
enter your own details of income and expenditure, and then tells you how
the Budget has affected you. This will be advertised just after the
Budget Speech, and will need to handle a lot of simultaneous requests
from all over the UK without crashing or even being too slow.

Last year, we used GoServe and Rexx CGI scripts for this, and they
worked very well. But our Web interfacing needs are now more complex. To
allow our economists to add new programs to the Web quickly, we designed
an OOP interface to HTML forms, which allows the state of complex
interactions to be kept between HTTP transactions in persistent objects
living on the server machine. We've tried Object Rexx for this; though
technically adequate, it seems too slow and unreliable to guarantee our
Budget service. So I'm looking for other servers that could be linked
with OOP code - hence my interest in Jigsaw.

Jocelyn Paine, http://users.ox.ac.uk/~popx/index.html

Be Your Own Chancellor!
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