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Re: WWW-Jigsaw use for.

From: Doug Marker <dmarker@ZETA.ORG.AU>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 11:45:29 +1000
Message-ID: <31EC45B9.792F@zeta.org.au>
To: Yvon Leclerc <lecy@vir.com>
CC: WWW-Jigsaw <www-jigsaw@w3.org>

All you need to run Jigsaw is tcp/ip running (part of Win95). Java
installed (available fromSun). And you should be able to run Jigsaw
as a server but with the only client being a Web Browser also running on
your computer.  My experience is that it does run better if you can use
a JIT (Just-In-Time compiler). I have have used Symantec's Win95 JIT
(comes with Cafe - until it broke with 1.02 Java).

Cheers  -  Doug Marker

Yvon Leclerc wrote:
> Hi,
>         Can i use JIGSAW server without being log on Internet (provider) on a single computer running under
> win 95 ? I'd like to build my forms with it.
>                                                          Yvon
>                                                          lecy@vir.com
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