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(fwd) Re: Mosaic Problem

From: Antonio Ramirez <anto@MIT.EDU>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 11:26:03 EDT
Message-Id: <199607091526.LAA02456@toxicwaste.media.mit.edu>
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> 	I tried to use :
> 	Reply reply = request.makeReply(request.getClient());
>         reply.setLocation("http://www.yahoo.com/index.html");
> 	return reply;
> And I got a error message "Document contains no data".
> Any ideas how to make the status code not appear
> Regards
> - Hari

I use this, and it seems to work (sort of):

	Reply reply = request.makeReply(HTTP.MOVED_TEMPORARILY);
	HtmlGenerator g = new HtmlGenerator("Document moved");
	g.append("<h1>Document Moved</h1>"+
		 "<p>This document has moved "+
		 "<a href=\"" + URL +"\">here</a>.<p>");
	return reply;

Apparently Mosaic doesn't like content-less documents. A browser that
supports redirection will not show the content of the reply.  The
"sort of" is that the URL that can be used in setLocation has to be an
absolute URL. (Netscape doesn't mind relative URL's there, but Mosaic

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