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Re: Puzzled about the indexer

From: Paul Mavis <paul_mavis@MENTORG.COM>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 15:42:36 +0100
Message-ID: <31E26FDC.2E40@mentorg.com>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Anselm Baird-Smith wrote:
> Paul Mavis writes:
>  > I have Jigsaw 1.0alpha up and running happily on a Sun Solaris 2
>  > platform. I'm trying to reuse my existing document space and here I'm
>  > hitting a problem.
>  >
>  > The default index file for the Directory resource is undefined, so I've
>  > been using the form-based editor to walk through the hierarchy setting
>  > the index to index.html. It's frustrating me that sometimes this appears
>  > to work and persist over server restarts, and sometimes it doesn't. It
>  > seems to be forgetting the index value...
>  >
>  > I have two questions:
>  >
>  > Am I doing something wrong? I guess I'm asking for a step-by-step idiots
>  > guide to setting this resource.
>  >
>  > Secondly, Is there any easy way of setting the default for this resource
>  > for this server?
> It looks like you are missing the DirectoryTemplates stuff. Directory
> templates allow you to set up template for all the directory to be
> indexed (now and in the future). They allow you to set a default set
> of attributes for all DirectoryResource to be created.
> In your case (I assume you want the index.html convention on your
> whole site), you should edit the WWW directory templates, by poiting
> your browser to /Admin/DirectoryTemplates, following the WWW
> link. Then here, specify the index attribute to be index.html, you
> should be all set.
> You may have problems since some of your directories are already
> indexed, in this case, the simple fix is to erase all the .jigidx
> files in your info space *except* for the root one and the one in
> /Admin (and optionally the ones in /User).
> BTW There is a bug in index file handling, that can be corrected by
> applying the following patch to the
> Jigsaw/src/classes/w3c/jigsaw/resources/DirectoryResource.java:
> -----
> retrieving revision 1.6
> retrieving revision 1.7
> diff -r1.6 -r1.7
> 2c2
> < // $Id: DirectoryResource.java,v 1.6 1996/05/28 14:35:29 abaird Exp $
> ---
> > // $Id: DirectoryResource.java,v 1.7 1996/07/08 14:55:26 abaird Exp $
> 683c683
> <           HTTPResource rindex = lookupStore(index) ;
> ---
> >           HTTPResource rindex = lookup(index) ;
> -----
> You will have to recompile the directory resource, and set your
> classpath (this is the simplest way, they are alternatives) to:
> set CLASSPATH=ROOT/Jigsaw/src/classes:ROOT/Jigsaw/classes/jigsaw.zip
> Anselm.
> BTW: It would help me if you send these questions to www-jigsaw@w3.org ;-)

Hello Anselm,

 Thanks for the prompt reply. Oh, and sorry about using the wrong mail address :-(

Anyway, I tried what you suggested, but it does not seem to help. I have noticed that if 
I delete all the .jigidx files (except "root", Admin and User), then they do not seem to 
be recreated (unless I've missed some vital stage out somewhere :-). When using the 
Admin/Editor I follow the Existing Resources link from root, and have found that I can 
temperarily get the <directory>/index.html indexing to work by checking the <directory> 
box and asking for a reindex. But as I mentioned earlier, this doesn't seem to persist 
over server restarts.

Is this because the .jigidx files are not being created in the filesystem hierarchy? 
Could this be related to changes made to the server properties (httpd.conf via the forms 
interface)? Could this be a filesystem protection problem?

One of the symptoms I experience is attempting to connect to a directory resource the 
client stalls for a while and then issues the following statement:

The index [index.html] for this directory doesn't exist. The server is misconfigured.> 

Transfer interrupted!

With regard to the patch, I did this, but can I sk if the order of paths in the 
CLASSPATH variable is significant, and if so which way?

Until you reply, thanks,
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