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can i do this with gss?

From: Edwin Shin <eddie@cs.cornell.edu>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 13:25:00 -0400
To: www-isaviz@w3.org
Message-Id: <1086369900.7063.34.camel@dhcp103-24.cs.cornell.edu>

first: thanks for the great work! isaviz is excellent.

consider the following foaf excerpt:

   <foaf:name>Edwin Shin</foaf:name>
   <foaf:img rdf:resource="http://example.com/picture.jpg"/>
         <foaf:name>Emmanuel Pietriga</foaf:name>
         <foaf:img rdf:resource="http://example.org/another.jpg"/>

what i would like to be able to do is use the image resource as the
bitmap/icon representation of a person.

note that i'm not trying to use the same bitmap for all persons as is
done in the stylesheet at
http://www.w3.org/2001/11/IsaViz/gss/foaf/foaf.gss; but rather, use the
image that is defined for each person. it's not clear to me if this kind
can be accomplished with the selectors that are available in gss.

in fact, what would be nice is to cascade: 1) if a person has an img
defined, use that, 2) otherwise, use a depiction if defined, or 3) use a
default image, e.g.

i have a similar case where i'd like to use an image (depiction) to
represent a foaf:currentProject. here, too, i have not been successful
in specifying a generic style that will use an image when

finally, if i can make a suggestion regarding the gss manual: it would
be helpful in the examples to include/link to the actual rdf stylesheets
(in addition to the svg drawings).

thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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