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Re: error in gsseditor.

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <epietriga@yahoo.fr>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:43:19 +0100
Message-ID: <3FA29127.1000108@yahoo.fr>
To: Nicola Thurner <nthurner@metgroup.it>
Cc: www-isaviz@w3.org


There is a good chance that this error occurs because you are running 
IsaViz and GSSEditor using a Java Virtual Machine version 1.3.x or earlier.

The Spinner widget was added in Java VMs version 1.4.0 and later. So 
upgrading to a more recent Java VM should fix your problem. You can 
download SUN's latest 1.4.x JDK/JRE at [1].

IsaViz is supposed to work on JVMs 1.3.x, and it actually does. However, 
JSpinners are used by an advanced widget provided by the underlying ZVTM 
graphical library, which is called when opening GSSEditor. So in the 
current state of implementation, you cannot use GSSEditor unless you 
have a JVM 1.4.x or later (but you can use every other feature, 
including GSS rendering). I could change the ZVTM code so that it no 
longer uses JSpinners, but these are convenient, and anyway it is 
STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to run IsaViz under a JVM 1.4.x or later (you may 
experience random crashes and lower performances with JVMs version 1.3.X).


[1] http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html

Nicola Thurner wrote:

> GssEditor in my isaviz 2.0 installation don't work. If I click edit 
> stylesheet in stylesheet tab of the definition windows nothing happen.
> Gssedit.bat go in error:
> C:\IsaViz>java.exe -classpath 
> lib\isaviz.jar;lib\zvtm.jar;lib\jena.jar;lib\xerce
> sImpl.jar;lib\xmlParserAPIs.jar;lib\icu4j.jar;lib\antlr.debug.jar;lib\junit.jar;
> lib\log4j-1.2.7.jar;lib\jakarta-oro-2.0.5.jar org.w3c.IsaViz.GSSEditor
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 
> javax/swing/SpinnerMo
> del
>         at org.w3c.IsaViz.GSSEditor.<clinit>(GSSEditor.java:126)
> I need a little help.
> Sorry for my english.
> Nicola

Emmanuel Pietriga (epietriga@nuxeo.com)
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