Re(2): Should I laugh or cry?

> A number of people have asked for additional details.  I'm afraid 
> my source isn't able to supply them (see below).

'Fraid you've missed it. It was  billed as "Two hours live chat with Commissioner Marcelino Oreja on EU Reforms", and it was yesterday from 18:00 to 20:00. See http://europa.eu.int/chat.htm 

> > >fyi - it's a shame Brussels' software evidently does not support
> > >Unicode. I don't know if you have heard, but a European Commissioner is
> > >going to sit at a terminal today(?) to answer questions on line via the
> > >Internet. Questions can be in any language except Greek because "the
> > >Internet software can not support it".

Maybe they changed the page, but the current version says : 

"You may ask your questions in any of the official Union languages, except, unfortunately, Greek, for technical reasons". 

I believe by "technical reasons" they meant IRC.