Re: Accept-Charset support

Klaus Weide wrote:
> Example of a site where documents are provided in several charsets
> (all for the same language):
> see <URL: http://www.fee.vutbr.cz/htbin/codepage>.
Two other examples are
- http://multiweb.urc.ac.ru/demo.html (many languages)
- http://www.urc.ac.ru/ (just English and Russian, but more
     considered user interface (you can click on special icons
     to choose language or charset, or you can choose them directly)

Both sites are served by the same http daemon with capabilities
of standard (HTTP/1.1) and non-standard language and charset
negotiation.It is just an example of the server working in
HTTP/1.0 -> HTTP/1.1 transition period.

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