Re: Charset support (was: Accept-Charset support)

Francois Yergeau wrote:
> À 23:06 12-12-96 -0600, Klaus Weide a écrit :
> >At least the Lynx code has tried to take that statement seriously, for
> >display of text without an explicit charset.
> Just to make things clear, does that mean that Lynx always defaults to
> Latin-1, going through hoops (mapping, transliteration, etc.) to achieve
> that if necessary?  Or that it can be made to assume that default, but
> normally defaults to the terminal's own code page?

It defaults to Latin 1 if charset was not specified in header or META or
with command line option. Command line option is not yet included in the
main distribution since it's in Klaus's Unicode support package and I
suppose dev team is waiting for style sheet package to be finished before
increasing version number. And perhaps more of HTTP/1.1 support? :)

Yes, Lynx does mapping. Without Unicode package mapping is being done for
Latin 1 only.

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