Re: Accept-Charset support

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Larry Masinter wrote:

> # So this is not only a IANA issue. Probably it is not a good idea
> # to cast it "in stone" in HTTP 1.1, but if we can come up with
> # a reasonable set on this list, and can make it publicly available
> # somewhere (W3? the babel site?), it might help a lot.
> Actually, an informational RFC that included a full list of charset
> tags in use in the Internet today and an explication of the issues

> would be the most useful way to publish this information.

I am not very sure about this. For this kind of information which
changes maybe slowly, but steadily, a more flexible format that can
quickly be updated, such as a web page at a prominent location,
may be a better way to make this data available.

Regards,	Martin.