Re: Accept-Charset support

# So this is not only a IANA issue. Probably it is not a good idea
# to cast it "in stone" in HTTP 1.1, but if we can come up with
# a reasonable set on this list, and can make it publicly available
# somewhere (W3? the babel site?), it might help a lot.

Actually, an informational RFC that included a full list of charset
tags in use in the Internet today and an explication of the issues
(e.g., such as:

# In addition, for ISO-8859-7 and -8, there is the problem of
# bidirectionality. Given as such, these labels imply visual ordering,
# which may be the best thing for line-oriented mail systems.
# However, for HTML, a variant "charset" parameter (don't know
# its value) has to be used, because HTML does line layout on
# its own and has to get logical ordering and BIDI markup as input.

would be the most useful way to publish this information.


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