Re: Accept-Charset support

> >Even more than that. I can read Cyrillic when I have to, but it's a hard
> >going. I'm not sure I can read handwriting at all. But, my understanding
> >of Serbian is q=1.0 if written in Latin alphabet. The official alphabet
> >there is Cyrillic and it's reasonable to expect the pages will use it.
> >I *want* it converted to Latin by my browser, even if I have fonts around.

This preference should be expressed by "Accept-Language" rather than
"Accept-Charset". Consider a document that is only available in bitmap
format (yes, a bitmap header, or just a facsimile image).

HTTP/1.1 just uses RFC 1766, "Tags for the Identification of
Languages" for language tags. In RFC 1766 language tags, the subtag
can be used to express a preference for the language written in one
script vs another:

#    -    Script variations, such as az-arabic and az-cyrillic

If you really feel the need, jp-romaji, gr-latin, and hr-cyrillic,
hr-latin could all be registered.