Re: Accept-Charset support

# Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8
# Content-Features: utf-8-cs="<hebrew>" utf-8-cs="<latin-x>"

There's no real point to this, though. The text/html;charset=utf8
is enough to tell you how to interpret the body, and the body itself
will tell you which repertoire(s) are used.

# 9.3 Content-Features
#   The Content-Features response header can be used by a server to
#   indicate how the presence or absence of particular features in the
#   user agent affects the overall quality of the response.
#       Content-Features = "Content-Features" ":" feature-list

how does the 'content-features' actually indicate this? This is
confusing to me. Is content-features actually useful at all?
In general, you don't want to list ALL the features that a given piece
of content might exhibit, you only want those that are used to
distinguish one content from another for the purpose of transparent
feature negotiation.


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