Re: Accept-Charset support

# That implies that sending
# 	Accept-Charset: utf-8
# Should generate a 406 response if the document is only available in, say,
# Latin-1 and the server cannot convert that to UTF-8.

I think Latin-1 is a special case. From

# The ISO-8859-1 character set can be assumed to be acceptable to all
# user agents.

I think the simple thing to do is to send:

	accept-charset: utf-8,iso-8859-5

if you're a browser and can display utf-8 and 8859-5 as well as
8859-1.  If you're a search service or willing to load things to local
disk, then you can put a * at the end:

accept-charset: utf-8,iso-8859-5,*

Please don't ask me to read the HTTP/1.1 spec to you, though. I didn't
write it, I was just the committee chair.

If this is really ambiguous and you'd like the HTTP/1.1 spec
clarified, make a specific proposal for what it SHOULD say and send it
to http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com.


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