Re: Accept-Charset support

> So in practice, I could see the following solutions for
> Accept-Charset:

> - Send UTF-8 if you can accept it, and nothing else.

> - Send UTF-8 and/or a careful selection of class (2)
>         "charset"s.

This was the conclusion that we had arrived at. And we actually inquired about  the possibility of sending "Accept-Charset=UTF8,*" prior to this tread starting. 
We would still very much like to see a solution which allows us to indicate that we  both handle, and **prefer** a particular charset (eg: UTF8). We do not wish to be in the situation  where we need to enumerate all charsets, or cause a round-trip to the server. We are open to any solutions which fulfill these two requirements; currently using "Accept-Charset=encoding, encoding,*" would seem to be the most elegent. I have not heard any convincing reasons as to why we would not want to allow this, except that it is not in the current draft?
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