Re: dynamic language switching

I don't know what you call it in the US, but an example is "hot 
desking": an employer provides fewer desks than there are employees, 
eg 50%.  The other 50% are, at any given time, either working from 
home or on the road etc.  When you drop in to HQ, you get allocated 
a free desk, with a PC.  You'd like that to work in your own 

A similar example is travel between the locations of a multi-
national/global company.  You arrive in X, get offered a vacant 
desk and want to start working.  Oops, you don't comprehend 



Hi i18n folks,

At the Sevilla conference last week, a few mentioned the need to be able
to dynamically switch the language of the client's menus and so on. I'd
like to hear a few examples of situations where this is really needed
(as opposed to just being "nice").