Re: dynamic language switching

Netscape is working on something related to this, in our
recently-announced Constellation product. We call it "location
independence". See the "roaming access" menu in the following document:



> The problem is really one of Nomadicity. The ISO JTC1 Special Working Group
> on the Global Information Infrastructure has identified Nomadicity as one of
> the key areas for which standards need to be addressed in the remainder of
> this millenium. Nomadicity is the ability to work on any machine anywhere as
> if you were working on your own computer in your own office. This includes
> more than just changing languages. It involves invoking a user-specific
> configuration file in response to log-on that sets your preferences to those
> you would have at home, including such things as preferred colours and
> display characteristics, default pages, and preferred communication
> channels/ISP. It also involves users being able to define criteria that
> allow them to define the level of service they expect, and to limit the
> amount they are willing to pay for that level of service from their current
> location. I would welcome the chance to discuss with you further the
> specification of Nomadicity being developed by ISO and the NIST IISP team in
> the US.