Re:dynamic language switching

In message <329A6C3B.190@netscape.com> 25 Nov 1996 20:04:11, erik@netscape.com wrote:

> Hi i18n folks,
> At the Sevilla conference last week, a few mentioned the need to be able
> to dynamically switch the language of the client's menus and so on. I'd
> like to hear a few examples of situations where this is really needed
> (as opposed to just being "nice").

Being the first of these, here are my needs :

1) ability to receive from the software editor only one package
   with no external data to include in it for L10N or I18N. This is
   a SysAdmin's point of view
2) ability to use a software in a language/alphabet with
   someone else and then leave this person alone using the
   same software in same session with another language/alphabet.
   This is a user's point of view

   example for case 2: a engineer from my company travels to China,
   Japan or Russia with his portable computer and need to work, with
   the installed software, in conjunction with local engineers. This is
    not a "demo" case; we do it each and every day in our field (electricity)

3) development of applications usinf the Web as medium : writing a correct
   user's or administration manual requires a localized interface