Re: (Web Internationalization & Multilinguism Symposium)

Thank for the information.  Please note that the WWW Consortium also run 
a list on I18N.  Go to www.w3.org and follow the list for 


On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Peter O.B. Mikes wrote:

> Hello, 
>        Just looked at the interesting pages of your Sevilla Conference.
>        I will not be able to make it, but would like to establish a
>         contact.
>       The IEEE as a part of its mission to suport EE and computer
> professionals worldwide recently established
> a  mailing list for discussion of these issues.
>     The majordomo based list is  
> stds-610-multilingual@majordomo@ieee.org
>  to  subscribe/unsubscribe send e-mail to
>   href=mailto:p.mikes@ieee.org
>    Additional details are at:
> -- http://youngstc.llnl.gov/~www/dic0.html
> Peter Mikes
>  p.mikes@IEEE.org