Re: FrontPage creates Unicode Web pages

Dmitry Beransky wrote:

> Which browsers support UTF-8?


The ones I know of are:

1.  Alis' Tango,

2.  Accent's Multilingual Mosaic,

3.  Netscape's Navigator 3.0 (on Windows 95).

In the case of Navigator, you must turn on Unicode support as follows:

    run regedit (win95) or regedt32 (winNT) 
    Select the HKEY_CURRENT_USER 
    Go to Software > Netscape > Netscape Navigator > INTL 
    Select Edit | Add Value (menu) 
    Type: UseUnicodeFont at the Value Name field 
    Type: 1 at string field 

To reverse the effect, you need to remove the UseUnicodeFont entry. 
Changing the "1" to a "0" is not sufficient.