Re: "Internationalized" class attributes

David Baron writes:

>What LANG actually does in many situations is still

That is left undefined on purpose. LANG says that some
portion of the HTML document is in a certain language.
That might be completely ignored without too much bad
consequences by a low-end browser, or used in sophisticated
ways by some high-end browser. It's basically something
that stylesheets, browsers, and users together have to
decide. It also depends on the relative positioning,
i.e. a French quote in an English text is likely to
get English-style quotation marks for typographical
consistency, and so on. For special services such as
search tools and text-to-speach-conversion, there are
other things to consider.
What is important is that mechanisms such as stylesheets
have possibilities to hook in language information.

>(Of course, Miscrosoft's browser being the only
>widely distributed one with stylesheets and since they
>have daintily eliminated all language/codepage oriented
>stuff from their agenda, it seems, this work needs be done
>outside of Gate's domain)

Please don't confuse language and codepage!

Regards,	Martin.