Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

J.Larmouth@iti.salford.ac.uk wrote:
> (I realise that this may not appeal to those who prefer Unicode to 10646).
> Allowing any character that is in LEVEL 1 of 10646 (i.e. non-combining
> characters) in the CLASS attribute might be a good half-way house between
> pure ASCII and the difficult problems we are discussing with non-canonical
> representations.
> If that leaves out some people's pet characters,  then put the pressure on
> 10646 to give them a code-point for use at level 1.
> I commend this solution for the Western languages.  It may not work as well
> for the Far Eastern languages.

This is www-international list. You proposal is more appropriate to a
www-westeuropean list. Seriously, internationalised HTML cannot be
restricted to Western languages.

And the HTML I18N specification does say 10646 level 3.

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