Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

Keld Simonsen wrote:

>Martin J Duerst writes:
>> So while I agree that bad display can be inconvenient (but in
>> some cases, if it's the only way given limited resources, it
>> might be considered better than nothing) or even offensive,
>> this has nothing to do with the decision whether to internally
>> store things precomposed or decomposed.

>But we are not talking about coding of one character, but decomposing
>an entity into two or more characters.  This means that the entity
>for example the =D8 letter can be decomposed into two logical entities,
>and that is not the case for =D8, which is a separate letter.=20
>You cannot split =D8 into any components.

Well, this may again be in the eye of the beholder, but
for your relief, I can tell you that there is actually no
decomposition equivalence specified for =D8
(for those, like me, who have problems viewing this, it
is an O with a / across it).

>Anyway there is not in 10646 any definition on how to split
>=D8 into smaller components.

Nor is there, as said above, any such definition in Unicode.
But there is one for A-grave and similar things.

Regards,	Martin.