Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

Martin J Duerst writes:

> Keld J|rn Simonsen wrote:
> >Yes, SC2/WG2 has decided that equivalence tables should not be
> >standardized, as they are culturaly offensive. So why don't we just
> >just live with this decision and avoid them?
> Keld - Can you please tell me what would be offensive in such
> tables, and to whom and why? If necessary, please use private
> mail. This is the first time I have heard about it, and I have
> a hard time imagining what it could mean.

The Danish letters  are not decomposable, as they are letters
of their own right.  We had  from Dansh Standards a long
battle having the letter  recognized as a letter in ISO.
One of the problem we had was that sometimes this was decomposed
into an A and an E and then not printed or displayed
as one letter, but instead in two, and sometimes this wholesome
letter was hyphenated into two letters at the end of a line.

For  and  we foresee similar problems, such as removing the
perceived "accent" . Anyway there is *not* an accent in these
letters, and you should no decompose these.