Re: SGML entities to Unicode

> Is there an authoritative mapping from ISO 8879 entities (ISOamsa,
> ISOgrk1, ISOlat1, ISOlat2, etc.) to ISO 10646? If so, where might I find
> such a beast?

I don't believe such a beast is possible -- the entities listed in the
annex to ISO 8879 do not all have corresponding ISO 10646 glyphs.

Some of them (e.g. Alternative Greek Symbols) could be represented
with a combination of element markup and reuse of other Greek Symbols.

Some of the others, such as Added Math Symbols: Relations, are simply
not available in 10646.

But if you are not doing mathematics or Ancient (pre-1975 polytonik) Greek,
most of them are there.

I haven't seen a mapping anywhere, though.


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