Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

Jonathan Rosenne writes:

> If I am using software which properly supports European languages, I
> have no control over the character coding although it would be safe to
> assume it would use precomposed characters, at least for those which
> were standardized when the software was written. But if I use software
> that does not support European languages, for example American, East
> Asian or Israeli software, I would have to type composite characters and
> the system would not compose them. Since we are discussing an
> international environment, we do not know where the user is and what
> software he is using and we cannot assume it will follow European
> conventions.

I believe that since we are talking international environments, and the
HTML language, we are using ISO/IEC 10646 as prescribed in the
HTML specifications, and then coding characters according to that. 
The only way defined in 10646 to encode LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE is 
is as 00E1, other ways of defining this character is not defined in