Re: LANG= for character-mapping

1) This is what I assume from the current proposals:

- Only one charset in allowed per document.

- The "document character set" should Unicode; other are allowed.

- The charset for transmission should be Unicode; other are allowed.

- The server should inform the client; charset = "UNICODE-1-1" (no sniffing).

- Transmissions transformations are for compressing, encrypting
  (content-encoding) or "safe transport" (transfer-coding); but virtually
  what it is sent is the charset.

- LANG is for higher functions, such as short quotations.

- The server should inform the client with Content-Language.

- LANGs in the document overrides the Content-Language.

- There is no association between LANG and charset.

2) HTTP needs some changes/clarifications
- Accept-Language
This should be the ordered list of "prefered languages".

The meaning of the quality factor "q" should be changed
 from  "...estimate of the user's comprehension of that language..."
 to    "minimun accepatable quality of the translation"

- Content-Language
This should be an ordered list; the first language should be the language 
of the document transmited; the rest, the languages available.

3) HTTP should allow two type of conversations:

- Request the "best" language
  Client: Send MyDoc with order of preference Danish, English, German.
  Server: Take MyDoc in German; it is available in German, Italian, Spanish.

- Request one specific language
  Client: Send MyDoc only in Spanish
  Server: Take MyDoc in Spanish; it is available in German, Italian, Spanish.


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