Re: Comments to several messages

1) i18n & multilinguism
> Sorry to disagree slighly. Localization is about ...

I agree with the more complete statement; my statement was very brief.  
My intention was to highlight the difference between regarding languages:
 - *one* language.- simpler
 - *several* languages.- more complicated (parallel texts, etc)

2) URL
> Well, Francois Yergeau proposed UTF-8. I [Duerst] proposed UTF-7. Both
> have their advantages, but I of course think that UTF-7 is better
> for this case.

Sorry, I should have stated your position also.  Could you and Francois 
do a short posting pointing the for/against ?

3) A dedicated event to i18n-Web
> But also I think we need implementations and actually
> existing documents more than events.

I agree.  The ultimate objective is to have the implementations an 
servers with the data; events are only a mean.  A part to getting 
together the people working in the field, events are public relations 
exercises the push-up priorities.


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