Re: Comments to several messages

Thomas wrote:

>1) i18n & multilinguism
>i18n englobes two traditions:
> - i18n.- Localizing the soft for *one* culture at the time.

Sorry to disagree slighly. Localization is about adapting software for
one culture/language/region. Internationalization is more general,
it can very well make soft usable for several contexts. In most cases,
it is a preparation of software for later localization by implementing
some general mechanisms that can later be configured for localization.
But the generalm mechanisms can also be of such a kind that cross-
locale work is possible.

> - multilinguims.- Working with *several* languages simultaneously.

An important aspect here is not just to have several languages/scripts
simultaneously, but to be able to work on them in a coordinated way,
e.g. parallel texts,...

>Some of the basics needs are common, such as the character set; some are 
>not.  The challange is to have a single model.

>3) URL
>This is one of the weakest area.  In the i18n workshop in Paris Yergeau 
>et al. commented that the most urgent was the searching part. They 
>proposed UTF-8.

Well, Francois Yergeau proposed UTF-8. I proposed UTF-7. Both
have their advantages, but I of course think that UTF-7 is better
for this case.

>6) A dedicated event to i18n-Web
>To give a final push, an event dedicated to this could be organized 
>before the end of the year.

There will be quite some i18n-WWW related activity at the upcomming
Unicode conference in San Jose (Sept. 4/5/6). There will be a tutorial
on 4th, some papers on 5th, and a discussion session/BOF on 6th.

But also I think we need implementations and actually
existing documents more than events.


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