Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

> From:          Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
> Date:          Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:15:43 PDT
> Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but the upgrade to 1.1 may also allow
> origin servers to selectively send the "right" labels to 1.1 clients
> even while being bugward compatible with 1.0.

It has long been clear that the default charset in HTTP is both bogus 
and detrimental.  I tried, to no avail, to have the mention removed 
from HTTP/1.0, supposedly informational but giving false information 
in that case.

Now HTTP/1.1 will compound the error by making this bogus default a 
standard, with absolutely no justification in either current practice 
or technical argument.  This default should go, and charset be made 
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