Comments to several messages

1) i18n & multilinguism
i18n englobes two traditions:

 - i18n.- Localizing the soft for *one* culture at the time.
 - multilinguims.- Working with *several* languages simultaneously.

Some of the basics needs are common, such as the character set; some are 
not.  The challange is to have a single model.

2) Labelling
There is a consensus that sniffing is bad and proper labelling is
needed.  At least, Accept/Content-Language and Accept/Content-Charset are 

3) URL
This is one of the weakest area.  In the i18n workshop in Paris Yergeau 
et al. commented that the most urgent was the searching part. They 
proposed UTF-8.

4) Advancing i18n
It is not clear why i18n (& multilinguism) it is not more advanced:
 - There are not big technollogical problems.
 - There is a very real need (building a multilingual server is a nightmare).
 - There are LOAD OF MONEY to be made.
 - There are facilities in the RFCs/drafts that are not implemented.

Lets not blame any party.  It is just so.

5) Interoperability
Some cooperation between vendors is needed: "look, my browser works 
really well with my/his server".

6) A dedicated event to i18n-Web
To give a final push, an event dedicated to this could be organized 
before the end of the year.

7) Web97
What can be do to put i18n in the main stream ?

8) Draft
The internet-draft WInter (Web Internatiolization & Multilinguism) is at

Please comment it or suggest what I have to include from this list.