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I am out of office to have a business trip to Japan. Please contact to Bill 
Hiro Yoshioka, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation 
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mailto:hyoshiok@jp.oracle.com (Japanese OK/office) 
mailto:yoshioka@best.com (home) 
phone: 415-506-0645, fax: 415-506-7203 
URL:   http://www.best.com/~yoshioka (most pages are written in Japanese)
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From Gavin Nicol's message Sat, 22 Jun 1996 02:49:48 GMT:
}There are ways of dealing with this (use UTF-7, or MIME
}techniques).  In reality, this layer should largely be transparent to

It is interesting that MIME offers a fair number of useful ways to
deal with these labeling problems, but that somehow HTTP does not
easily accept the use of MIME as it is specified.  

I hope that at least the instances of http omitting the "Content-"
part of MIME header tags (e.g., Transfer-Encoding) has been solved in
http 1.1 or 1.2.  

(NO!  I am not trying to start another food fight;-).
(I am just lamenting how little omissions caause big problems!)

In the meantime, MHTML WG is trying to provide a clean MIME envelope
for tranismssion of native HTML...


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