Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

Gavin, first you write:

> As a vendor, it makes all the more sense. Great PR in saying "we are
> compliant with all WWW standards". Also, in the long run, you'll have
> fewer support problems.

but then you add:

> BTW. I would also like servers to respect GET requests with bodies,
> but that it even further off. Further off still is internationalised 
> URL's.

Gavin, this is inconsistent with "compliant with all WWW standards",
as GET does not have a body, does not allow a body. If you want to
propose that HTTP be changed to allow a body inside GET, you should
make this proposal in the HTTP working group. But on the one hand to
encourage people to implement the standards and then to go off with
some non-standard extension that YOU like but isn't part of the
standard-- well, it's irresponsible. Please stop.

Similarly, with "internationalised URL's", if you have a workable
concrete proposal to bring forward and suggest as we progress the URL
specifications through standards track, that might be useful, but as
it is, people continue to bring up the "problem", which I understand
and sympathize with, but without ever actually making a specific
proposal that might resemble a _UNIFORM_ resource locator (same
locator used by everyone) that is also International. So, this is not
"further off", this is in some alternate universe.



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