Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

>> Quite. It get's worse once you use frames in Netscape.
>You could have said "frames in MSIE", or just "frames". Why pick on
>Netscape? This is a problem with the servers, not Netscape Navigator.

Not really a server problem at all. It's a protocol problem. If
everything was labelled, there'd be no problem (both data being sent
to, and sent from the client).

Now, why did I specifically mention Netscape?

  1) because it's what I've experimented with, and I saw it fail quite
  2) because you made a bold statement recommending Netscape products
     for I18N.
  3) because you have, according to your own statistics, by far the
     largest portion of browsers in use.
  4) because the Netscape folks have known/participated in I18N
     discussions for a very long time.
>It looks like neither the standards bodies nor the vendors have done a
>good job of getting the word out.

I agree. The standards bodies have been too wishy-washy, and vendors

Note. I would be *very* happy if Netscape put out a truly multilingual
browser, as it would simplify my job, *and* move towards what I've
talked about so often, for so long.