Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

>Yes, it is a pity that servers still do not send out the charset
>parameter. Our servers do send it out if configured to do so. Maybe we
>need to make it easier for the server administrators to configure the
>charset, perhaps with more automation. However, many people are using
>other servers. These people need to be educated too.

This is correct. It amazes me the probably 99.9% of web sites in Japan
work in such a kludgy manner. It's more surprising that users accept

It's interesting to note that Apache probably is the most widely used
server, and that it's *.asis document type does allow you to set
charset param easily. My proposed *.mim type was another answer to

We are working on a plugin to netscape etc. that tries to adapt to
client preferences, but given the current situation with browsers, it
is virtually impossible to have a truly multilingual web site.