Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

>Ad hoc solutions may work for legacy data, but in the long run properly
>labeled documents and intelligent content negotiation are the best bet for
>transmitting and displaying information as the author intended.
>(Today, I installed GB fonts on my system for the first time and was pleased
>with the results I saw on the screen, but I was appauled by the need to set
>character encoding preferences in my browser's property sheets. )

Quite. It get's worse once you use frames in Netscape.

As I said, we've known how to make sure this all works for more than a
year and a half (certainly in cocrete form for more than a year),
isn't it about time it was fixed?

As for netscaoe's servers, natively, they do very little to help. 
Last time I looked, there was no *simple* way of allowing correct
content labelling.

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