Re: Using unicode or MBCS characters in forms

>Unicode isn't used very much yet (if at all), but MBCSs like Shift-JIS,
>EUC-JP, EUC-KR and so on are used a lot. Stateful charsets like
>iso-2022-jp are also used. I would recommend Netscape Navigator for the
>client side, and Netscape's servers on the server side.

Hardly surprising. 

Netscape Navigator could be a lot better Erik. For example, it would be
very useful if it sent Accept-Language and Accept-Charset fields, and
indicated the encoding of POSTed data. 

As it is now, any data recieved must be sniffed to figure out what it
is. Not very useful on a site that could get queries in both EUC-KR
and EUC-JP... even shift-jis and EUC can be mistaken.

It is more than a year and a half since I pointed this out.

BTW. Is there a list of charset values that Navigator recognises
online anywhere.

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