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Re: [css3-ruby] [css3-text] Position values and before/after definitions in LR vertical writing mode

From: Alan Gresley <alan@css-class.com>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2010 02:01:53 +1100
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To: Ishii Koji <kojiishi@gluesoft.co.jp>
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Ishii Koji wrote:
> Hi Steve, just "Koji" is fine :)
> Thank you for the reply. Yes, your understanding is exactly the same as mine, I'm glad to see that.
> As you said, if we understand Mongolian as "counter-clockwise rotated RTL", you're right that "under" goes right. If we understand this as "left-to-right block progression with baseline rotated clockwise", "under" goes left. My understanding right now is later, but I also agree that we need more information to make further decisions.
> I'll investigate further and will be back to you.
> Regards,
> Koji Ishii

Hello Koji,

Please take a look at this test in IE8 or IE9 beta.


The source is in normal flow for horizontal.

In the vertical part (blue border), note the following:

1. I have used 'text-decoration: overline' for the third line
2. The progression of the vertical text is LTR.
3. The glyphs of the English phrase face the bottom of the line stack.

Before and After, Top and Bottom are different depending on if we have
horizontal text or vertical text.

Alan http://css-class.com/

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