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Re: Proposal: Input Method Editor API

From: Makoto Kato <m_kato@ga2.so-net.ne.jp>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 15:01:01 +0900
Message-ID: <4C999B9D.7010900@ga2.so-net.ne.jp>
To: "Hironori Bono (坊野 博典)" <hbono@google.com>
CC: www-international@w3.org
1. Why do we need candidate list interface?  Candidate list isn't 
simple.  Modern input method shows attributes in the list such as 
Hiragana or meaning or etc.

2. I don't make sense that default of textColor of CompositionAttribute 
is black. Default should be depended on UA.  (If user selects text color 
to grey in setting of UA, it should set gray.).  Also, slected/target 
range should use HighlightText of CSS System color.

3. Is it enough that attribute of CompositionAttribute is "selected" 
only?  Japanese input system has "converted", "non-converted" and "target".

-- Makoto

On 2010/09/21 11:12, Hironori Bono (坊野 博典) wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm Hironori Bono, a software engineer of Google. I would like to
> propose adding a new API, IME (Input Method Editor) API to HTML5 APIs,
> so we can control an IME associated with the hosting user-agent and
> retrieve its detailed information.
> I assume this new API is useful for the following use-cases.
> * Use Case 1: retrieving the detailed information when receiving a
> composition event.
> Even though composition events provides basic information of IMEs,
> some web applications may need its details (such as clauses, caret
> position, etc.) Even though it is an overkill to add these information
> to DOM events, it is useful to provide interfaces to retrieve such
> detailed information.
> * Use Case 2: using IMEs on a web application which uses<canvas>  elements.
> When a web application which use<canvas>  elements implements editing
> capabilities, it has difficulties when they manipulate IMEs. For
> example, it cannot control the place where it shows IME windows. It is
> useful to provide APIs that controls IMEs so developers can implement
> more web applications that uses HTML5 capabilities.
> I would like to publish a document that describes the details of my
> proposal to the URL below:
>    https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B8eVDHQ9_22-YWEyMGNmZjUtMWYxNy00YjI3LTlhYmQtNzA1YjlmYzViMzI0&hl=en&authkey=CNXmwLAM
> Would it be possible to give me your thoughts?
> Thank you for your interest in advance.
> Best regards,
> Hironori Bono
> E-mail: hbono@google.com
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