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Autmotic Translators Google SysTrans Want to find out more; why both same?

From: CE Whitehead <cewcathar@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 10:56:59 -0400
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Systrans is getting more like Google neither does impersonal pronouns 

* * *

Example 1:

Original (French) text:

"Il va pleuvoir le dimanche, n'est pas?  A-t-il quelque chose que je peux 


"It will rain Sunday, is not? Does it have something which I can do?"


"It will rain Sunday, is not? Does it have something which I can do?"

(I would translate the sentence as:

"It's going to rain Sunday, right?  Is there anything I can do?")

* * *
How are these now the same?  There are two different systems as I understand 
them anyway.

Systrans I thought was using a system where it indexed words with things 
they went with, for example books you'd link to 'write' 'publish' etc;
Google I thought was using a system where it compared translations with 
originals (I wonder, does it search through documents online since google is 
a search engine and look for translations and compare these with the 
originals?) and then was 'learning the rules' (thus  learning errors too I 
suppose when things are translated erroneously--but I think perhaps that 
things are translated correctly more often than wrong so google can count 
frequency too; I'm not sure what it does about this???)

* * *
Example 2-3

Original Text:

"S'il est impossible que quelque chose se passe, a-t-il des cas où il est 
possible qu'elle se passe?"

Translating English > French  (from the French sentence above, by Systrans 
and Google, both again translating identically!)

"Le quelque impossible de que d'est de S'il a choisi le passe de Se, passe 
possible de Se de qu'elle d'est d'il d'où de DES cas d'a-t-il ?"

Translating French > English  (google and Systrans again the same!)

"If it is impossible that something occurs, does it have cases where it is 
possible that it occurs?"

(I'd translate the above, French > English, as "If it is impossible that 
something will happen, are there cases where it is possible that it will 
happen" but it's my French I'm translating so the original may not sound 
perfectly native but I think it's o.k.)

(When I taught classes in linguistics and ESL, I did see some students' 
papers where neighbors had identical mistakes in grammar, spelling, 
identical wrong answers; you have to have the neighbors sit apart the next 
time they take an exam; or else you have to create activities where friends 
can work together and help each other and still learn; or else you have to 
ask students to leave the room when they talk or exchange papers during an 
exam -- I guess.  But does anyone know what is going on with SysTrans and 
google and also exactly how google translates???  Thanks.)

--C. E. Whitehead

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